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Chanukah in the Streets of Jerusalem

We are here in Jerusalem in the Old City, a few hundred meters away from the Temple Mount where the miracle of Chanukah happened. As you can see the custom in Israel is to light not just in the home but in the doorway to spread word of the miracle of Chanukah that happened. The miracle was the freedom of Israel, kicking the Greeks out re-establishing Jewish hegemony and Jewish rule. But really goal was not political freedom, but religious freedom and Chanukah is a time to re-dedicated ourselves to Jewish life in Israel and Chanuah is a time to re-dedicate ourselves to Jewish life. The lights of Chanukah represent the light of Torah, the light of G-d and so this Chanukah let’s open up our hearts and let’s open up our homes and let’s try and re-inspire ourselves to bring some light into our lives, to bring some Jewish light into our lives and to share that with others. Chag Sameyach!

Menorah at the entranceway to a home in the Old City of Jerusalem in an alcove built into the

The Ashkenazi custom is for each family member to light their own menorah, how many children do they have?

Beautiful Menorah at the Kottel (Western Wall)

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