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Discover the Heart of Tel Aviv

This is Rabbi Jonathan Feldman coming to you from Tel Aviv, and you can see behind me the city, the coastline which sprung out of sand dune in 1909 and has become the symbol of the revitalization of the Jewish State and of modern life in Israel.

The Founding of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a hub of tourism, of IT, silicone wadi, and yes of Jewish religious life as well. If Jerusalem is the soul of Israel, Tel Aviv is the body and the heart of Israel. You can see behind me the beach and the palm trees, and Tel Aviv also has 70 –over 70 synagogues. It was once a center of Jewish life with full synagogues and Rabbis and even Chasidim. It ebbed for a while but we are now seeing a revitalization of modern life and of traditional life in Tel Aviv as well. At Am Yisrael Foundation we are working bring some of that soul to Tel Aviv, working with young olim, young people who have moved to Tel Aviv from all over the world. Tel Aviv has its own natural beauty, you see the beach and the sun setting over the ocean –incredible where else could you find this. We hope to be reporting to you about all aspects of life in Tel Aviv, so stay tuned and you will discover the secret Tel Aviv, the wonders of Tel Aviv.

Sunset Over the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv

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